Order Paint: Shades by Eric Kuster

Order Paint: Shades by Eric Kuster

Create metropolitan luxury with Shades by Eric Kuster wall paint

Shades by Eric Kuster features a color palette of 16 colors carefully selected by interior designer Eric Kuster. The paint colors are inspired by the deeper layers of nature. Eric Kuster describes his unique style as metropolitan luxury, and the paint colors are suitable for the interior of any type of home.

MAKU Interior is an official dealer of Shades by Eric Kuster. The color samples are 100% colorfast. For all Shades by Eric Kuster colors, there is also a 100ML Wall Emulsion (wall paint) sample pot available. Order before 4:00 PM, and it will be delivered tomorrow!

MAKU Covering: color advice

MAKU Covering: color advice

Determining the paint color is one of the most challenging decisions because it greatly influences the atmosphere you want to create in your home. The same paint color can look entirely different in another room. The final paint color depends on factors such as lighting, the orientation of the space (north, east, south, and west), lighting, and the use of surrounding colors. More complex than you may have initially thought, right?

MAKU Covering
Get the Metropolitan Luxury look – Shades by Eric Kuster

The Shades by Eric Kuster Wall Primer serves as a foundation for applying wall paint. The primer is suitable for both interior and exterior use and helps prevent variations in glossiness while ensuring better coverage. It reduces the absorbency of the surface and optimizes the yield of the finishing coats.

Coverage: 1 L = 12 m2 (depending on the substrate).

The Wall Scrub contains a textured layer that gives each living space a charming atmosphere. The Wall Scrub should be applied in 2 coats using the Shades Brush to achieve the desired effect. Apply the coats in a cross motion (X). Absorbent surfaces should be pre-treated with the Wall Primer.

Coverage: 1 L = 5 m2.

The Lacquer Primer by Shades by Eric Kuster is a highly opaque primer based on a tribrid technology. It is ideal as a base and adhesion primer on wood, MDF, hard plastics, old paint layers, and non-ferrous metals (aluminum, zinc, etc.). This primer can be sanded smoothly and can be perfectly finished with the Shades PU-Acrylic Lacquer in a matte finish.

Coverage: 1 L = 13 m2.

The Shades by Eric Kuster paint is the most renowned lacquer in the range. It is exclusively used for interior applications and is a high-quality, water-based, matte, and scratch-resistant lacquer that retains its color. The lacquer is suitable for finishing wood, hard plastics, and metal. It is available in two finishes: satin velvet or silk matte.

Coverage: 1 L = 15 m2 (depending on the substrate).